This web series follows Zoey and Fletcher as they become mismatched roommates ... a modern Odd Couple living in NYC.


This web series follows Zoey and Fletcher as they become mismatched roommates … a modern Odd Couple living in NYC.

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Season 1

Episode 1 – “Moving Day”

Good friend or serial killer?

Zoey is given unexpected (and unwanted) news that introduces a little chaos into her neat and tidy life.

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Episode 2 – “Date Night”

To stay or not to stay?

Zoey tries to get fletcher out of their apartment so she can have some privacy for her date.

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Episode 3 – “Movie Night”

Are they going to survive the night?

What has the better chance at surviving, the characters in a horror movie or Zoey and Zach’s relationship? A simple movie date puts that to the test as Fletcher intervenes as only he can.

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Episode 4 – “First Kiss”


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Episode 5 – “Ratted Out”


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Behind the Scenes




Played By: Jason Leavy


Played By: Marisa Bertani 


Played By: Leah Voysey


A Night at the Drive-in

...two nights actually. Abnormal Attraction & Terrifier both screened as part of The Kreischer Mansion's Summer Drive-in Series.
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A Whole New VIRTUAL World

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of VaxxAttacks. Gamers are a new generation of entertainers and when entertainment is involved, so are we.  
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Hello (Again) World

Fuzz on the Web v2.0 ... Welcome to our new and improved website. It's 2020 so new decade, new look and way more functionality including The Fuzz Shop.
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The Dark Offerings Wraps

From director Marcus Slabine, "That is a wrap on ... the first socially distant horror feature shot completely during (the COVID-19) quarantine...
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Penance Lane Release

Today marks the long awaited release of Mane Entertainment's second feature film on VOD. Penance Lane stars Tyler Mane & Scout Taylor Compton.
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tZERO Ribbon Cutting Event

After covering tZERO's announcement and launch of their innovative security token, as well as TNABC in Miami, we return home to the World Trade Center.
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Meditation Wins Multiple Awards

As Gilbrando Acevedo's Meditation concludes it's initial festival run it garners nominations for Best Director, Cinematographer, Writer and Actor.
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Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny is a short, heartfelt comedy directed by Nico Nepola a Staten Island native who enlisted the help of FOTL as well as his Law & Order co-workers.
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Weathering the Storm with Radiator King

With Adam Silvestri of Radiator King we headed to upstate NY to film the video for Raylene, but as night begins to fall, so does the snow, A LOT OF SNOW.
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Abnormal Attraction World Premiere

The cast, crew and over 400 excited fans got to be the first to see Abnormal Attraction on the big screen at the red carpet event held at the SVA Theatre.
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