Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries, Web-Series
Or Any Combination of All these things

Despite the diversity in all of these end products, they all require a very similar skill set.  A skill set we have attained through years of experience and the ironic knowledge that no one could ever know it all (but we are definitely going to try).  Our experience has given us the open mind necessary to continually learn from every new co-worker and challenge we come across.

As big a factor as creativity will always be, at it’s core filmmaking (of every variety and on any scale) is essentially problem solving.  Quick decision making, improvisation and ingenuity are what allow ideas to become reality and it just so happens that those things are our specialty.

We pride ourselves on taking projects all the way from script to screen and provide any or all of the services needed along the way. 

Producing | Directing | Cinematography | Camera Dept.

Grip & Electric | Production Management | Misc.

Producing | Directing | Cinematography | Camera Dept. | Grip & Electric | Production Management | Misc.

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A Night at the Drive-in

...two nights actually. Abnormal Attraction & Terrifier both screened as part of The Kreischer Mansion's Summer Drive-in Series.
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A Whole New VIRTUAL World

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of VaxxAttacks. Gamers are a new generation of entertainers and when entertainment is...
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The Dark Offerings Wraps

From director Marcus Slabine, "That is a wrap on ... the first socially distant horror feature shot completely during (the...
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Penance Lane Release

Today marks the long awaited release of Mane Entertainment's second feature film on VOD. Penance Lane stars Tyler Mane &...
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Meditation Wins Multiple Awards

As Gilbrando Acevedo's Meditation concludes it's initial festival run it garners nominations for Best Director, Cinematographer, Writer and Actor.
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Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny is a short, heartfelt comedy directed by Nico Nepola a Staten Island native who enlisted the help of...
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Abnormal Attraction World Premiere

The cast, crew and over 400 excited fans got to be the first to see Abnormal Attraction on the big...
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From Sand to Snow, Florida to Utah

A last minute call adds a detour to our trip to the Sundance FIlm Festival. So the road to Park...
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Pennywise: The Story of It

We finished 6 interviews chronicling the stories behind the making of the original "IT" mini-series based on Stephen King's best-selling...
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Production is complete on another short dramatic film, this time in conjunction with writer, director and star Gilbrando Acevedo.
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