August 10, 2019

Meditation has recently concluded it’s initial festival run in and around NYC.  Some of the highlights included the Katra Film Series, American Asian Latino Film Festival, American Filmatic Arts Awards, The Cutting Room International Short Film Festival and the New York City & State TV, Plays and Films Festival.

The short dramatic film also garnered multiple awards, 10 to be exact, winning in every category it was nominated … 

Best Drama Short

Best Director, Michael Leavy & Gilbrando Acevedo

Best Screenplay, Gilbrando Acevedo

Best Cinematographer, Steven Della Salla

Best Actor (2x), Gilbrando Acevedo

Best Supporting Actor, Richard Pryor Jr.

Best Supporting Actor, John Torres

Best Editing, Best Original Score

It also features Erik Baker, Jequan Jackson, Marybeth Paul, Keith Stone, Jamej Lawton and Carolina Schumann.

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