Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Country, Comedy, Classical, Theater, etc...

Music videos offer endless possibilities, so from an artistic standpoint they are one of our favorite things to make…

From a business standpoint we do all we can to keep your options just as limitless.  Flexibility is our strength, working within the artist’s budget and vision as well as enlisting any number of our producing partners to better achieve the scale and style necessary.

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-- Radiator King --

I Have a Voice

-- Broadway Records --

My Love

-- Scarlet Sails --

New at Being Cool

-- Casey Jost --

Chains of Love

-- Jax --

When I Walk Out

-- DuShane Band --


Weathering the Storm with Radiator King

With Adam Silvestri of Radiator King we headed to upstate NY to film the video for Raylene, but as night...
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DuShane – When I Walk Out & Alabama Rain

Our video for "When I Walk Out" leads to Michael Leavy being featured in "Alabama Rain" by DuShane, an "Urban...
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Jared Dylan, 2 Music Videos in 2 Days

Despite the death of our equipment truck (aka Andy's Snow Cone truck), we wrap production on 2 music videos for...
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Billboard Music Releases “Anthem for the Arts”

Our second star studded charity single debuts as Billboard Music Releases "Anthem for the Arts" featuring multiple Broadway stars.
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People Magazine Releases “I Have a Voice”

People Magazine releases the single performed by the children of Broadway that can be bought through Broadway Records to support...
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Jax’s Post Marathon Show

We head to Bar Nine to document American Idol finalist, Jax, perform after running in the New York City Marathon...
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