June 13, 2017

Having a shoot on the 13th proved to be somewhat unlucky for us.  Although we were able to shoot 2 music videos in a very short time, that success wasn’t without a casualty.  These days turned out to be extremely hot, and a traffic filled drive to New Jersey ended up being more than our truck could take.  Andy the Abominable Snowman’s Snow Cone truck, which doubled as our equipment truck, took its last drive and is now waiting to be reborn as a legitimate food truck.

In spite of the loss, we powered through and basically shot one video each day for the young and very talented pop artist, Jared Dylan, who created and performed all the music himself and even edited the videos. First, the sports inspired “Love is a Game,” followed by “We Can’t.”  Both videos were directed by Courtney Baxter (who you might remember from Sharknado 2, or more importantly as the Tooth Fairy from Abnormal Attraction) and Sebastian Rea.

UPDATE: Both videos have been released and can be seen below…

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