Small to Large Businesses in any Industry

Whether you own a local car dealership or a national restaurant chain, marketing is an integral part of your business. It’s an extremely important investment and one of the only ways to truly grow a business.

Today there are endless outlets to reach potential customers, none of which should be overlooked.  However, consumers are often overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of content and there is only one way to stand out.  Creativity and production value that meets the high standards of your brand.

Whatever your needs may be, we offer flexible packages ranging from simple testimonials or product demos to sweeping drone coverage and cinema style productions.

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Scott Westerfeld’s Impostors Trailer

As Scott Westerfeld finishes his latest novel, Impostors, we team up with Jason Milstein to shoot our first book trailer.
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Kompan Playground in Stuy Town

Kompan is an international corporation that creates playgrounds for children and adults alike in order to promote health and fitness.
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CMIT Solutions – 5 Commercials in 2 Days

Partnering again with Steve LaMorte (Vir Fidelis), we set out on the daunting task of bundling production of 5 commercials...
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125 Greenwich Street NYC

Today we began shooting a truly unique sales video for the luxury condominiums at 125 Greenwich Street in the Financial...
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