November 15, 2018

After being introduced to Adam Silvestri of Radiator King by Rob Janicke of Sound Evolution Music, it didn’t take long to work out the video for the lead single off their new Roll the Dice EP, entitled Raylene.  Check it out here on Spotify.

We headed to upstate New York, a town outside of Albany called Canajoharie to be specific, in order to shoot the video.  We had only one day to film everything, which may have been a difficult task to begin with, but that day quickly turned into half a day due to outside circumstances.  Undaunted we continued on through the cold until we were met with another challenge.  As night began to fall so did the snow.  The unpredictability of mountain weather was on full display as flurries quickly whipped into a blizzard.

In the end, the job got done as it always does and mother nature gifted us with some fantastic imagery.  Check out the website exclusive behind the scenes videos on this page and stay tuned for the finished video.  

UPDATE: The video has been released and is available HERE.

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